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Visions and Values

Our school is a warm and welcoming place with a caring ethos.  We promote an environment where diversity is embraced and where children thrive in a secure and happy environment. Our school is committed to high expectations and the achievement of high standards for everyone and the school community works together to achieve our school aims.   

We treat every child as an individual.  We provide them with a range of opportunities to develop their potential, regardless of their abilities.

Vision aims:

  • To foster an environment where learners are creative and are encouraged to reach their full potential. Learners engage in decision making, and are encouraged to make choices about their own learning. We value the high academic and non-academic achievement of all our learners. 
  • Have a flexible, creative curriculum which inspires and stimulates each child to learn, explore, communicate, discover and enjoy their education and the world we live in.
  • Prepare children to meet the demands of their wider world.
  • Celebrate and recognise the achievements of each individual and value all aspects of their lives.
  • Celebrate our diversity through valuing the beliefs, languages and cultures of each individual.
  • Encourage responsible behaviour.
  • Have strong links with our children’s families and the wider community