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Brookland Schools' Governors
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The Role of the Governing Body

The role of the governing body is to support the Headteacher and staff in ensuring that our children receive a high standard of education in a supportive and inclusive environment. In practical terms this means making decisions with regard to a wide range of policies and tracking the progress and direction taken by the schools. The actual day to day running of the school is the responsibility of our headteacher. The full governing body meets twice a term in addition to which all governors are attached to a number of subcommittees which meet one to three times a year.

The main committees are:
  • Communication and Community Engagement
  • Curriculum
  • Finance
  • Personnel
  • Premises, Health and Safety
  • Safeguarding and Personal Development
  • Strategic (which is made up of all chairs of all other committees)
Brookland Schools’ Governing Body

At Brookland there is one federated (combined) governing body for both the Infant and Junior schools. It is made up of four staff governors (three of who are co-opted); the two head teachers; six parent governors, three from the Infant and Nursery School and three from the Junior School; one local authority governors and five additional co-opted governors. From time to time we may also appoint associate governors to perform specific roles or functions e.g. finance or data analysis.

A photograph sheet of our current governors can be found in each of the playground noticeboards. 

Should you wish to contact any of them, please do so via the school office or, in the case of parent governors, feel free to approach them in the playground.

For information on becoming a School Governor, please read the Welcome Pack for New Governors (see link at foot of this page).

List of Current Governors

Below is a list of current governors at Brookland:

Name Category of Governor Appointed By Date of appointment Term of Office Ends Committees
Sapna Shah

Local Authority

(Vice Chair)

London Borough of Barnet 16/03/2016 16/03/2024 Curriculum, Finance (Chair), Personnel, HT performance, Strategy
Laura Pincus



Governing Body 24/03/2020


HT performance (Chair)
Finance, Safeguarding, Curriculum, Strategy (Chair)

James Clare


Governing Body



 Finance, Personnel (Chair), HT performance, Strategy

Michael Farhi


Governing Body



Finance, Premises

Lisa Weinbrenn


Governing Body



Safeguarding (Chair), Communications, Curriculum. Strategy

Tim Jackson


Governing Body



Premises (Chair), Strategy
Claire Rosen Parent Junior Parents 09/11/2017 09/11/2021 Premises, Curriculum (Chair), Personnel, Strategy

Brenda McCafferty

N/A 01/09/2013 Ongoing Finance, Premises, Communications,
Curriculum, Personnel, Safeguarding, Strategy
Jenny Aylen Headteacher N/A 01/09/2014 Ongoing Finance, Premises, Communications,
Curriculum, Personnel, Safeguarding, Strategy
Jenny Catley Staff Infant Staff 15/03/2017 15/03/2021 Safeguarding, Curriculum
Joshua Hamerton Co-opted  Governing Body 29/9/2020 29/9/2024 Premises, Safeguarding
Farnoush Bikdeli Co-opted Staff Governing Body


29/09/2024 Communication (Chair), Safeguarding, Strategy
Emma McCabe Co-opted Staff Governing Body 27/09/2018 27/09/2022 Communications, Curriculum
Tony Brand Co-opted Governing Body 24/09/2019 23/09/2023 Communications, Curriculum
Katie Attwood Associate Member Governing Body 02/07/2020 02/07/2024

Finance, Personnel, Curriculum

(with voting rights)

Carol Frankl Associate Member Governing Body 08/02/2019 08/02/2023


(with voting rights)

Harriet Bloom  Associate Member Governing Body 05/10/2018 5/10/2022


(with voting rights)

Nicholas Astaire Parent Infant Parents 03/12/2020 02/12/2024 Premises
Shiv Haria-Shah Co-opted Governing Body 27/09/2018 27/09/2022 Personnel, Safeguarding

List of Governors who were members of the Governing Body during the last 12 months but have now left:


Name Category of Governors

Appointed By and

Date of Appointment

Term of Office Ends Committees
Chris Rafferty Co-opted

Governing Body


19/12/2019 Curriculum, Personnel
Simon Greenhouse Staff Co-opted 27/09/2018


(left 25/09/19)

Curriculum, Premises


Information on Current Governors:


Name Relevant Business and Pecuniary Interests

Meetings Attended


Sapna Shah Nothing to declare 3 of 3
Laura Pincus Nothing to declare 3 of 3
Tim Jackson Nothing to declare 3 of 3
Claire Rosen Nothing to declare 3 of 3
Brenda McCafferty Trustee at 'De Nederlandse Regenboog School' 3 of 3
Jenny Aylen Governor at 'Christ College' 3 of 3
Farnoush Bikdeli Governor at 'Christ College' 3 of 3
Emma McCabe Nothing to declare 3 of 3
Katie Attwood

Forest Environmental LTD

Environmental services Asbestos removal

Director since 2008

3 of 3
Jenny Catley Nothing to declare 3 of 3
James Clare

Governor at 'Harris Academy, St John's Wood'

3 of 3
Tony Brand Nothing to declare 3 of 3

Shiv Haria-Shah

Nothing to declare
3 of 3  
Michael Farhi Nothing to declare 3 of 3
Harriet Bloom Nothing to declare 3 of 3
Lisa Weinbrenn Nothing to declare 3 of 3
Carol Frankl Chair of trustees of 'The Southover Partnership' 3 of 3
Josh Hamerton

Teacher at Aylward Academy, Edmonton

Part of Senior Leadership Team of Mini Minors - XUK LTD

Chair of CHAT at Kingfisher Hall Primary Academy

2 of 3
Nicholas Astaire   1 of 1