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The Curriculum

Brookland Infant and Nursery School

‘Be Kind, Grow Together, Learn Forever’


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum values and finds a balance between both skills and knowledge which when combined enriches the learning experiences for our children. It is delivered through topics which interest and inspire our children whilst simultaneously providing a meaningful and engaging context for their learning. We make the best use of our local environment to enhance teaching and learning. We also incorporate educational visits welcome visitors and parents into school to enrich our curriculum; fully acknowledging the importance of cultural capital.


At Brookland Infant and Nursery School we have developed a broad curriculum which is driven by 4 learning principles that we believe our children require to become successful life-long learners.  


Our 4 learning principles:

  • CreativeHow the children express themselves.

Our children will become effective communicators; being able to express their thoughts and ideas and communicate their feelings, wants and needs.  This is seen across the school in a variety of ways. We believe that communication is the foundation of all relationships and is essential for social interaction, play and learning skills to develop.

  • AmbitiousHow the children demonstrate positive learning behaviours.

Our children will become effective learners by developing resilience, risk taking, confidence, responsibility and pride. All of these elements drive self-improvement and result in highly motivated lifelong learners.

  • CuriousWhat the children learn and how it links to their understanding of their place in the world.

Our children will be inquisitive learners who question, reason and explain. They will acquire subject-specific knowledge and understanding as set out in the EYFS statutory framework and National Curriculum so they reach and exceed their potential. Through the teaching of British Values linked to our Brookland Values, our children will be responsible young people who are prepared for life in the diverse modern world. We will enable our children to understand their place within the world and how they can positively contribute to society. They will develop a respect of others through an understanding of our world and the people and cultures within it.

  • HealthyHow the children ensure they are ready to learn.

Our children will develop as healthy learners who understand the importance of a healthy body and a healthy mind to prepare them for learning. Our children will develop positive characteristics. We will provide them with the tools and strategies required to deal with situations in a positive and effective way.



Our Promise to our Children

By the time you leave Brookland Infant and Nursery School you will have had the opportunity to:

  • Learn to play a musical instrument
  • Take part in a class Assembly
  • Take part in a year group performance
  • Run many miles by participating in the Daily Mile
  • Sing in a concert
  • Participate in mindfulness activities as part of well-being
  • Be a Brookland Leader
  • Be a Gold Book star and have your name in the school newsletter
  • Sleep one night away from home with your class
  • Take part in the Barnet Infant Music Festival
  • Swim in our pool and be taught by a Swimming Coach
  • Participate in subject specific celebration days
  • Have a festive party with your class
  • Join our singing club
  • Attend a PJ movie night at school
  • Enter a school based competition
  • Take part in the Barnet Dance Festival
  • Have a real life theatre experience
  • Listen to a live music band or orchestra
  • Take part in our themed curriculum weeks
  • Visit a museum or place of interest in London with your class
  • Have your voice listened to and influence decision making
  • Raise money for a charity
  • Celebrate your culture and family traditions with others
  • Take part in a celebration from a different faith or culture to your own
  • Participate in a Sports Day
  • Attend an after school club
  • Listen to many different ‘Mystery Readers’ in class
  • Share your love of reading with a ‘Reading Buddy’ from a different class or year group
  • Celebrate your learning at ‘Let Your Child Explain’