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At Brookland Infant and Nursery School, we believe that Art is a medium for children to express themselves which in turn builds their self-confidence and imagination. We aim to deliver a high-quality art and design curriculum which engages, inspires and challenges all children, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design.


Our Art curriculum is designed around the idea that art is far more than a series of technical skills, our holistic curriculum nurtures creative thinking skills and helps children learn through art, as well as about art. It allows children to experiment in a ‘safe’ environment where there is no ‘right way’ of achieving but equally promotes high expectations. Through encouraging art discussions and evaluating their own and others’ work, children are encouraged to develop their use of language to express their ideas and feelings.


We want children to have lots of different kinds of opportunities and experiences (media, techniques, approaches, artists) during their art lessons which are all underpinned by creative use of drawing and sketchbooks.


Our aim is that every child has the opportunity to find the elements of art, craft & design which resonates for them.


At Brookland Infant and Nursery School, we provide a rich environment in which we encourage and value creativity. Art and Design is about developing children's creativity and imagination by building on their knowledge, skills and understanding of materials and processes.