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Golden Rules

At Brookland Infant and Nursery School we are very proud of our children and recognise that their behaviour is extremely good. We want our children to be well mannered, respectful and considerate of one another and to take care of the school environment and learn to apply this to the wider community.


We focus on the positive behaviours and recognise that positive reinforcement is the most effective way to encouraging and maintain good behaviour and we want to recognise and celebrate this.


We use Jenny Mosley’s model of Golden Rules, as a wholeschool approach to enhancing selfesteem and positive behaviour and relationships within the school.


The Golden Rules are the key to the whole approach. They outline the explicit behaviours that show respect and caring towards one another.  The Golden Rules are displayed in classrooms, corridors and throughout the school.



We have clear consequences for behaviour that we don’t want to see.  We know that more often than not there is a reason behind any negative or challenging behaviour that a child may show and we always give the children time to regulate and when ready talk about what has happened. We use the Zones of Regulation. See Zones of Regulation tab for further information.