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Swimming and water safety has been a statutory element of the national curriculum for physical education (PE) programme of study since 1994. However, annual research by the national governing body for swimming, Swim England shows that since 2012 only half of children aged between seven and 11-years-old have met the required swimming standard.


We are very lucky to have access to the swimming pool at Brookland Junior School and the swimming lessons are taught by a qualified swimming instructor, Linda Searles. The children in Year 2 will go swimming in the Autumn term, the children in Year 1 in the Spring term and the children in Reception in the Summer term. We ask parents and carers for a voluntary contribution of £50 so we can pay the Junior school for the use of their pool.


The organisation of the lessons will work as follows:


 As you will appreciate for these lessons to happen. We do rely on volunteers, unfortunately if we don’t have enough ‘helpers’ the children won’t be able to swim. We will need 4 volunteers to help the children get changed. All volunteers will need to have a current DBS check before they can support the children with swimming. Please contact Tsveta or Petia in the office for further information about how to obtain a DBS.


Swimming kits:

  • swimming costume (one piece) or swimming shorts (tight and above the knee)
  • towel
  • swimming hat (without a hat the children can't swim)
  • swimming goggles (optional)


Please make sure everything is labelled with your child's name.