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Junior Duke Award

This year, we are excited to be introducing the 'Junior Duke' Award as an enrichment option for our children that are interested in developing their life skills and independence. The 'Junior Duke' is a little like a primary, young version of D of E, although it is completely separate from that organisation. We will be trialling the 'Junior Duke' in Year 1 this year and next year roll it out to Year 2 and Reception.


There is a separate award for each year group ; for each, the children receive a booklet which has a series of 10 challenges for the children to complete outside of school. These are age appropriate and include areas such as art, cooking, physical activity and wider life skills. The children are encouraged to do these independently to build their confidence and resilience; they then evidence their challenge through photos and a self review in the booklet. Each challenge is 'signed off' in school by Mrs McCafferty at set times throughout the year and once 7 out of 10 challenges are completed, the child receives a badge and a certificate in a Special Assembly.


Reception: Micro Duke Award


Year 1: Mini Duke Silver Award


Year 2: Mini Duke Gold Award


There is one booklet per year group and children can work through it at their own pace; some may take all year, others may have completed the award much earlier. 



You can find some more information in the leaflets below.