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Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage in Action

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The Foundation Stage covers children’s education and development from birth to 5 years. This includes Foundation 1, which we call Nursery, and Foundation 2, which we call Reception. 


Brookland Infant and Nursery school aims for children to be confident, independent learners. We want them to believe in their unique self and we recognise that all children develop at different rates. We offer a language rich curriculum that ignites children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. This builds their capacity to learn to form relationships, interact positively with others and thrive. We understand that play is central to a child’s learning and this is at the heart of our EYFS curriculum.


Child Centred

  • Well-rounded, kind and happy individuals who are curious and creative and become ready to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Our Environment (indoor and out)

  • Stimulating, exciting, safe, challenging, hands on, memorable experiences, purposeful and meaningful activities based on children’s interests.

Parent Partnership

  •  Warm, positive and supportive partnership by working collaboratively with parents/carers.


From their own starting points, children will make good progress academically and socially, developing a sense of themselves so that they are well prepared for the transition into Key Stage 1.


The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum



Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Managing Self

Building Relationships

Communication and Language

Listening, Attention and Understanding


Physical Development

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills




Word reading




Numerical Patterns

Understanding The World

Past and Present

People, Culture and Communities

The Natural World

Expressive Arts & Design

Creating with Materials

Being Imaginative and Expressive


We plan a range of learning experiences to help children develop in all of these areas of learning. We encourage and promote opportunities to allow children to express the characteristics of effective learning in their play.


Our provision for learning is linked directly to children's interests and curiosity. This provision supports the development of the skills they need to work towards the Early Learning Goals at the end of their Reception year at school. Feeling safe and secure is crucial to each child's learning. At Brookland Infant and Nursery School we support each child through the allocation of a 'Key Person' who will build positive relationships with each parent and their child.

We want our children to be happy and develop a life long love of learning!