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We teach PSHE weekly using the Barnet emotional wellbeing framework. This is based on the PSHE Association’s PSHE Education Programme of Study with emotional health and wellbeing woven within it. Children explore themes including Relationships (social and emotional), Health and Well-being, Economic Wellbeing & Being a Responsible Citizen.

The content is age and developmentally appropriate. Lessons are taught sensitively and inclusively, with respect to the backgrounds and beliefs of the children and parents.

They have the opportunity to participate in discussions and debates. Circle Time is used effectively as a tool for children to reflect on their feelings and behaviours.  
Children across the whole school use the Zones of Regulations to display how they are feeling throughout the day. Children are encouraged to use a variety of tools to self-regulate themselves.

Our 6 Brookland Values: Courage, Respect, Friendship, Tolerance, Honesty and Responsibility are focused on each half term across the whole school and underpin the assembly program. We believe these core values ensure children can make the most out of all experiences and are developed, demonstrated and celebrated in a variety of ways across the school.