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Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1

In Key stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2) we follow the National Curriculum. The current National Curriculum came into effect on September 2014 and applies to all children in state maintained schools. It sets out the skills and knowledge which must be taught in each year group but does not specify how they should be taught. We have devised our curriculum to reflect our School’s characteristics and priorities.


Curriculum Implementation:

In KS1 we offer a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum based around half termly topics through which we deliver our principles and entitlement whilst ensuring it covers the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum


Our creative curriculum ensures all our children are offered quality learning experiences in the discreet subjects (Phonics, Reading, Mathematics, PSHE, RE, Music and PE), but also through our cross-curricular approach in the other subjects (English, Science, History, Geography, Art, DT and Computing). This creative curriculum provides our children with opportunities to extend their own interests and learning.


Educational Visits and Visitors

We believe in providing our children with as many first hand experiences as possible to inspire and consolidate their learning. Throughout the year we organise a range of trips and school visits. Some trips require hire of a coach and an entrance fee and therefore parents are asked for a voluntary contribution to cover the cost. Parent/carers must give written permission for every trip.


In the summer term all Year 2 children have the opportunity to go on a residential school journey with their teachers and support staff. This is a wonderful experience for the children and a highlight of their year. Over a period of two days and one night, they enjoy a range of indoor and outdoor activities.  Children enjoy these experiences and they develop self awareness, self confidence and independence.