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In Art at Brookland Infant and Nursery School we encourage children to think creatively, using their imagination, to deepen their knowledge of the subject through experience and exploration of different media and techniques.


Through the use of the EYFS Statutory Framework and The National Curriculum children will cover the key skills during their time at Brooklands: drawing, colour/painting, textiles/collage, sculpture and pattern/printing,


In EYFS Children are given the opportunity daily to access resources independently to explore their own ideas using their imagination and creativity. 


In KS1 we explore the works of many different Artists and pieces of Art which are linked to topics, to build a rich cultural capital.   Children are encouraged to develop their ideas through a hands-on approach, practising, improving and developing key art skills.


All children have the opportunity to express themselves artistically. All children are inspired to experiment their creative ideas through a range of resources and progressive techniques. Our children learn how to evaluate their work and celebrate mistakes and successes.